UAV Design & Flight Training


The SAFEDrone program is a versatile 21st-century educational learning tool that helps learners to apply STEAM and aviation concepts with the goal of developing the skills and mindsets required to be safe drone pilots.

By implementing SAFEDrone’s S.A.F.E. (Simulated Action First Education) initiative, students first train in a simulated, risk-free environment allowing them to focus on the control and operation of a quadcopter prior to using small UAVs to skillfully maneuver and compete in an obstacle course.

As learners explore historical and present-day UAV applications, such as journalism, filming, and aerial photography, disaster management, geographic mapping, search and rescue, health care delivery, wildlife and storm tracking, planet exploration, they will develop an understanding of the careers and opportunities associated with drones. Individual extension of this project includes preparation for and obtaining an FAA drone rating.