Category: Gliders

The Sky’s the Limit for SCVi Glider Students

What do you think of when spending a day in the desert? How about a day in the desert with a group of 8th graders hopping into the front seat of gliders and actually being able to apply their past…

SCVi Learners Get Up-Close Look at Gliders

By Dustin Lengning, 8th Grade Aero Educator Standing outside and watching my learners connect with each and every pilot they encountered at the stations, I couldn’t help but wonder if the content we’ve covered will translate into understanding. It was…

Learning Takes Flight With Glider Program

Remember learning about Newtonian physics in eighth grade? If you had to parrot back the laws for a test, you’d probably recall that they have something to do with an apple falling. Now imagine learning about gravity by flying a…

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