Science Accelerator Mission


What are the challenges associated with colonizing the Moon and Mars? What are the products and innovations necessary to develop in order to survive, flourish, and sustain life away from our home planet? The goal of the Science Accelerator Mission is to explore these challenges through researching current studies, work, and missions by NASA and the privatized space industry to develop a product to meet those challenges.

In a partnership with Out of the Box, this project addresses the need for innovation and international collaboration. Students will research and collaborate to develop products that answer these questions along with a business plan that supports their ideas.

The Science Accelerator is based on High Tech StartUp Accelerator’s Programs, led by Vered Cohen Barzilay, Social Entrepreneur and Mentor at the “8200 Social Accelerator” in Israel, and Scientific Adviser Dr Diana Laufer, scientist from Tel-Aviv University and the scientific adviser at the Givatayim observatory. The project is sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Israel, in collaboration with NASA Ames Research Center, and the municipality of Givatayim.