DreamUp 2019: Video Pitches from Our Teams – Mycelium

During the final phase of the DreamUp to Space Mission 2018-2019 Experiment Design Challenge, our teams created short videos “pitching” their idea, and are creating plans for how — if their experiment is chosen to fly to the International Space Station — they will use the opportunity for their school site. These learners may seek experts to support all aspects of this challenge. Their proposals and videos will be reviewed by a panel of science and space experts, and the top 3 teams will have their experiments flown and conducted on ISS this fall.

Over the next few days, we’re presenting video pitches from the teams, beginning today with SCVi learners Connor Raskin, Adam Simpson, Brayden Hall, Mario Robles, pitching their experiment “Growing Mycelium Bricks with Manure in Microgravity.”

Three final teams will be chosen to send their experiment to be conducted on the ISS. The teams simultaneously conducts a ground-based experiment for data comparison in post flight analysis. The selected iLEAD teams, accompanied by their facilitators, will be invited to attend the launch where they will have the opportunity to present their experiments at Kennedy Space Center.

Coming up next, the video pitch from a team exploring the effects of microgravity on aloe vera.


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