DreamUp 2020 Video Pitches from Our Teams: Turmeric

During the final phase of the DreamUp to Space Virtual Mission 2019-2020 Experiment Design Challenge, our finalist teams created short videos “pitching” their idea, and the plan they developed for how — if their experiment is chosen — they will use the opportunity for their school site and community outreach. These learners were required to include subject matter experts to support their experiment designs. Their proposals and videos will be reviewed by a panel of science and space experts, and the top 2 teams will have their experiments flown and conducted on ISS.

Over the next few days, we’re presenting video pitches from the teams. Today, we spotlight iLEAD Exploration & iLEAD Online learners Carter Sands (9th grade) and Zeke Griffice (9th grade), asking “What is the effect of Microgravity on Curcuma longa?”

Mission Control


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