iLEAD Lancaster DreamUp Launch Team Space Mushroom Loads Experiments Headed for ISS

On October 13, 2023, iLEAD Lancaster learners on DreamUp Launch Team Space Mushroom loaded their Mixstix with their groundbreaking experiment. One Mixstix will stay grounded here on Earth, while the other is destined for the International Space Station on November 5! Learners are excited to learn the answer to their question: “Will oyster mycelium develop in microgravity?”


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This is authentic STEM learning at its finest!

Thanks to Principal Facilitator Jennifer Sosso, DreamUp, Evolved Mushrooms, Nanoracks, and Space Station Explorers for making this journey possible.

You can learn more about our team’s mission here.

Stay tuned for updates and invitations to future missions, and join us in supporting the next generation of scientific pioneers!


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