Meet the DreamUp Team: Caydin Brandes

Caydin Brandes is one of the two principal investigators on Team Seagrass, from iLEAD’s DreamUp to Space Virtual Mission. The team will be launching an experiment in November 2022. Caydin, 12, is a remarkable 6th grader attending iLEAD Exploration.

In her spare time, Caydin enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, gymnastics, dancing, and crafts. She especially loves to craft with her twin sister, Teya. One of her favorites is using clay to mold fake foods! She likes swimming and especially freestyle and butterfly. Finally, Caydin also loves contemporary dance. Quality time with her family is something Caydin values, and she looks up to her family members who she describes as kind and caring.
Caydin Brandes

Why did you choose to be a part of this launch team?
“I thought that it was a really cool opportunity to be a part of an experiment that was going to space!”

In what ways has this experience influenced or inspired you?
“This experiment has inspired me, by knowing that I am one of the few people that was elected to be a PI, and that I can do a lot if I try hard enough.”

Favorite book, and why?
“I like a lot of books. I especially like reading audiobooks, I also like Harry Potter!”

What is the most exciting thing about this opportunity that you have with DreamUp?
“One of the most exciting things about DreamUp is that you get to send something to the ISS!”

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