Meet the DreamUp Team: Garrett Brown

Garrett Brown is a 15 year old in the 10th grade in iLEAD Exploration. He is a member of Team Yucca. An interesting thing about Garrett is that he lived in Nigeria for four years and he has a pet turtle named Flip. He and his family visit Nigeria often. In his free time, Garrett likes to play piano, code, bike ride, and play video games.

Why did you choose to be a part of this launch team?
“I’ve always had a bit of interest in Space exploration and innovation, and it’s very nice that I can be involved in it.”

What superpower would you want and why?
“I’d like to be able to do the best at everything that I do or try to learn, sort of like Taskmaster from the Marvel comics.”

What is the most exciting thing about this opportunity that you have with DreamUp?
“Not only would it be really cool to say that I played a part in launching something into space, but, I actually get to help launch something into Space!”

Site: iLEAD Exploration
By: Emilina Walker


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