Meet the DreamUp Team: Naya Berman

Naya, 12, is on Team Seagrass and in 6th grade. She previously attended SCVi, but currently goes to Milken Middle School. When she is older she wants to be a tennis player, fashion designer, and an interior designer. For now, she loves horse riding, playing tennis, reading, creating art, and playing with her 2 dogs. She loves to read — her favorite series is Harry Potter because it takes her to a whole new world!

What’s the most interesting thing about yourself? Or a fun fact?
Naya means “dolphin” in Hawaiian and I loved swimming with them in Mexico!

Describe how it feels knowing that you are getting the opportunity that very few people have ever gotten — to be part of a team sending an experiment to space?
I feel very grateful and proud to be part of such a fabulous team. I think that when we’re standing there, watching the launch, I’ll feel something I’ve never felt before. I wanted to be a part of this year’s launch team because I love the program and am interested in space and what’s out there.

What superpower would you want and why?
I would love to be able to fly, because I love to travel–but hate traffic.

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