Meet the DreamUp Team: Sadie Halvorsen

Sadie Halvorsen is a member of Team Seagrass in iLEAD’s DreamUp to Space Virtual Mission. Sadie, 11, is an extraordinary 6th grader who attends SCVi. In her spare time, Sadie enjoys playing with her dog (Walter) and baking. Sadie takes pleasure in jewelry making, including rings, bracelets, and earrings. She also enjoys crafts: drawing, coloring, painting and hot glue projects.

Sadie’s career aspiration is owning a bakery. Her favorite treats to bake include muffins, coffee cake, banana bread, and other desserts. However, recently she has also been considering working for NASA.
Sadie Halvorsen
What’s the most interesting thing about yourself? Or a fun fact?
“As a toddler I loved the movie frozen, and my ancestors are from Arendal.”

Favorite book, and why?
“I have always liked Anne of Green Gables because when I read it I lose track of time and finished it without stopping.”

What’s the most interesting thing about yourself? Or a fun fact?

“My brother did dream up a few years ago and I love being at the beach during sunset or sunrise.”

Describe how it feels knowing that you are getting the opportunity that very few people have ever gotten—to be a part of a team sending an experiment to space?
“I feel very proud of myself and excited to see what’s next.”

In what ways has this experience influenced or inspired you?
“This experiment makes me want to work for NASA when I’m older and learn more about space.”

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