Meet the DreamUp Team: Teya Brandes

With a target date of November 2022, Team Seagrass will be sending seagrass to the International Space Station as a part of the DreamUp to Space Mission 2021-22. Teya Brandes, 6th grade, is one of the two principal investigators for Team Seagrass.

Teya, 12, is part of iLEAD Exploration. Math and science are Teya’s favorite subjects; she loves the way they are puzzles to figure. She enjoys art — painting, sculpting, crafting, or sketching! She takes advanced gymnastics at LA Valley College. Much of Teya’s spare time is spent with her twin, Caydin. They cook, play card, board and brain games. Teya also swims regularly and likes to read or listen to audio books.

Teya Brandes

In what ways has the DreamUp to Space experience influenced or inspired you?
I have been inspired to learn and research the things that interest me.

What is the most exciting thing about this opportunity that you have with DreamUp?
There are many exciting opportunities that DreamUp presents: I find the most exciting one of all is the fact that young kids like me are learning about and sending something to the ISS.

What superpower would you want and why?
If I could have any superpower I would choose to have the power to move atoms, that way I could move my own atoms to fly, heal, and do most other things.

What’s a fun fact that you learned while being in the DreamUp To Space project?
I have learned many fun facts about Space and seagrass; such as the fact that seagrass is dispersing at the rate of two football fields an hour, and that it took more than 30 missions and ten years to build the ISS.

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