Meet a DreamUp to Space Team Member: Raegan Brown, Team Carrot

DreamUp to Space is a project that challenges young people to understand and explore the impact that microgravity has on matter. Through a partnership with DreamUp, iLEAD learners in grades 5-12 are inspired to develop the skills and knowledge to design, develop, and propose an experiment that could be run on the International Space Station.

In July of 2020, two teams from iLEAD Schools were selected for flight in the 2020 DreamUp to Space Virtual Mission & Experiment Design Challenge. Currently, learners from across the network are collaborating on these two teams — Team Carrot and Team Adzuki — in preparation for a spring launch of their experiments to the International Space Station. 

Each learner has unique interests, strengths, and goals to bring to each team. We’d like to introduce you to our team members! Today we’re introducing Raegan Brown!

Meet Raegan Brown, Team Carrot

DreamUp Raegan BrownA 14-year-old freshman at iLEAD Exploration, Raegan has a passion for everything creative and loves to express herself through graphic design, art, and science. Among her many dreams and aspirations, Raegan would like to get into marketing and graphic design. She’s currently taking AP psychology, and in her spare time she loves to act and participate in theatre. Right now she has an LA agent and has been able to do commercials and audition for popular series and movies for major networks like Netflix, Nickelodeon, ABC, Disney, Warner Bros. Pictures, and Fox. When she gets the chance, Raegan loves to bake snickerdoodles, scones, and anything strawberry flavored!

We had the chance to ask Raegan a few questions!

Q&A with Raegan

How does it feel knowing that you have an opportunity that very few people have — to be part of a team sending an experiment to space?

“It feels great to know that I’m participating in such an amazing production, and I’m ever so grateful to have this opportunity to participate with such an incredible team and talented members.”

What’s a fun fact about you?

“I love everything Marvel! I’ve seen all the movies and television shows, I have merch, and I’ve recently gotten into the comic books!”

In what ways has this experience influenced or inspired you?

“After badging up with the DreamUp to Space program, I now can look at science in a way I’ve never looked at it before: Science is now very fun for me. It used to feel like another chore, and it is now one of my favorite subjects in school.”

We look forward to introducing more team members to you soon!


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