Now There are 5! Announcing Phase 2 Finalists for the iSAP DreamUp To Space Mission 2018

While the 2018 school year might be winding down for most learners, five dedicated teams of iLEAD learners are diligently working on the final preparations as part of the Phase 2 Finalists for DreamUp to Space Mission 2018. From these five experiment design proposals, one will be chosen to fly to the International Space Station and conducted by astronauts on ISS. The flight is scheduled for November 2019.

For each team, the requirements of Phase 2 includes creating a short video “pitching” their experiment design, revisiting their written proposal to ensure that it meets or exceeds all requirements and developing a plan that, if their experiment is chosen, outlines how they will include more learners and the entire iLEAD community in their experience. Part of accepting this honor also means these learners will be a vital part of the iSAP DreamUp To Space Mission 2019 leadership team to share their excitement for science and space with new Learner Teams.

Team: Alayz’ja Pinn, Daniel Guzman, Elianna Mendez and Jeidy Marquez.
Project: The Tooth of the Matter Is
School: iLEAD Lancaster, 6th Grade
Team: Martel Barnett, Leilani Pasillas, Aelan Cohen and Amani Courts (not pictured) Veronica Flores
Project:The Effect of Microgravity On Lentinula Edodes Germination
School: iLEAD Lancaster, Innovation Studios Middle School
Team: Max Gourson, Ella Haymam and Ashley Bassirat.
Project: How does microgravity affect the growth of Micrococcus?
School: iLEAD Encino, 7th grade
Team: Olivia Rothenberg and Sophie Muncy.
Project: The Effects of Microgravity on S. mutans and Saliva
School: iLEAD Encino, 7th grade
Team: Pilot Saraceno, Emma Gazal, Rosalind Goldman and Melia Mikha.
Project: The Effects of Microgravity on Glycine max (Soybeans)
School: iLEAD Encino, 7th grade


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