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Meet the DreamUp Team: Rae Brown

Currently a 16-year-old junior at iLEAD Exploration, Raegan is half-Nigerian and half-American. She travels back and forth between Lagos, Nigeria and LA. Raegan has a passion for everything creative and loves to express herself through graphic design, art, and science….

Meet the DreamUp Team: Timothee Secall Barrier

Timothee Secall Barrier (14 years old) is an nineth-grader at SCVi and can speak three other languages, German, French, and Spanish! He plays ice hockey and in an after-school theater program. What’s a fun fact that you learned while being…

Meet the DreamUp Team: Garrett Brown

Garrett Brown is a 15 year old in the 10th grade in iLEAD Exploration. He is a member of Team Yucca. An interesting thing about Garrett is that he lived in Nigeria for four years and he has a pet…

Meet the DreamUp Team: Samantha Young

Samatha Young is 12 years old, in 7th grade, and always up for a challenge! She is a member of Team Yucca glauca. Her hobbies include spending time with her siblings and doing art projects. An interesting fact about her…

Meet the DreamUp Team: Grace Stumpf

Grace Kalei Stumpf is a very ambitious, intelligent ninth grader attending iLead Exploration and is a co-principal investigator on Team Yucca glauca. Grace loves animals, more specifically, horses! She also enjoys reading; her favorites include Reaching for the Moon, The…

Meet the DreamUp Team: Emilina Walker

Emilina Walker is a thirteen year old eighth grader at SCVi’s iEAD Exploration. Emilina enjoys reading, drawing, doing archery, and watching television. Her favorite book is “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak — she loves the characters, setting, and the…

DreamUp to Space 2022: Team Yucca and Team Seagrass

iLEAD DreamUp to Space Launch Teams have formed and are in collaboration to send their experiments to Space! Two teams comprising 16 learners are in the experiment optimization phase — preparing to send their experiments to the International Space Station….

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